From diverse sources, Mergeflow 24/7 collects tech and innovation contents. These contents are then being fed through our proprietary natural language and machine learning algorithms. The results are available to you via software that runs in your browser.


Mergeflow uses custom-built crawlers, APIs, and other technologies to collect and aggregate information for you. Here are some examples of what Mergeflow collects during a typical week:

System Overview


Mergeflow’s machine learning and natural language processing algorithms identify document structure, entities, events, and financial data. These metadata let you access web contents in a structured way.

Detect document structure

Documents from the web come in all kinds of different shapes and forms. For example, scientific papers look different from blogs, and investor news are different from patents. Mergeflow's technology automatically learns how to detect these different text structures. This differentiates the signal (relevant content) from the noise (e.g. teasers).

Identify people and organizations

For understanding a topic, knowing who the relevant actors are can be key. Mergeflow extracts names of people, organizations, objects and events from document contents. Then Mergeflow creates a graph that shows how actors relate to each other.

Financial data from text

Investments in companies or technologies can indicate strategic developments. In particular, early stage venture investments often reveal developments that otherwise would remain under the radar. From the contents of world wide news on investor activities, Mergeflow extracts names of funded companies and the funding amounts. This way you can see current developments in venture funding for any search query.

Discover and Track

Interactive visualizations help you explore and monitor innovations and technologies in real-time, from business to R&D.


Mergeflow extracts and visualizes investments, M&A events, and market size information from worldwide news. This lets you focus on data interpretation rather than data collection and preparation.


Social networks

From the contents of scientific and technological publications, news, and other contents, Mergeflow extracts experts' names and their social networks (e.g. co-authors). With interactive network graphs, you can explore teams, and zoom in on their published work.

Relationship graphs


Mergeflow helps you explore entities across different types of information. This helps you identify people, organizations, and technologies that play a role in science as well as in business, for instance.



Mergeflow Workspaces make it easy for you to curate, edit, and share contents. Whether you access Workspaces from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone, their look and feel adapts to the device you are using.


Instant Deployment

Mergeflow works in any modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE 9.0+, or Safari). Just log in and get started. Whenever we release new features or updates to Mergeflow, they are immediately available to you.

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