"Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialScience) is a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials. We have been using Mergeflow since 2012 with lasting success. The software helps us identify and monitor important technological, scientific, and market information, in a highly automated way. Using Mergeflow ensures that we do not miss information that is important to our business."

Dr. Gerhard Langstein
Head of New Technologies and Science Fellow

Our customers use Mergeflow for diverse applications. They range all the way from finding expertise in specific technologies, tracking developments in relevant domains, to evaluating strategic hypotheses about fields of innovation and how they may develop in the future.

Make or Buy

Professionals in R&D, corporate investing, product management, strategic sourcing, and M&A often have to choose between producing a solution in-house, buying it from an outside supplier, or collaborating with external partners.

Mergeflow’s analytics identifies companies, organizations and people in websites, news, technology licensing offers, and other sources. This enables you to find relevant individuals, groups or organizations in R&D, new startups, and potential collaboration partners anywhere in the world.

Market Insight and Discovery

For developing new business, identifying new markets for existing technologies, and competitive landscape analyses, business leaders need information about markets. This includes market segments, estimated sizes and growth rates, relevant actors, and other pieces of information.

From world wide news, research reports, and other sources, Mergeflow 24/7 collects and extracts financial and event information (e.g. market sizes, CAGRs, M&A events, VC and R&D fundings). This provides you with an agile, 360-degree view on relevant markets.

Idea Triage

In order to make resource allocation decisions, corporate strategists have to evaluate the potential and maturity of ideas and technology fields. This requires being able to see how topics unfold across the innovation, technology, and market space.

Mergeflow provides cross-sectional information access and analytics, from basic research publications to mainstream industry news. This enables you to perform real-time, scalable, and verifiable analyses across technology fields.