Mergeflow Analytics Services

Our analytics services combine self-learning technologies with advanced computing power and human expertise to provide unique insights.


Our analyses are based on content. No finder's fees or other intermediary business models.

No Service-Lock-In

You can move to our analytics technology platform anytime.


Machine augmentation enables you to go beyond purely manual one-shot analyses.

Our Services

We help individuals and teams that operate at the intersection of business and R&D.

Field Survey

We investigate an innovation field, identify stakeholders, sub-topics, and emergent developments for you.

Emerging Topics Sonar

We monitor a long-tail list of topics for you and alert you when a topic emerges from the long tail.

Deep Dive

We run a deep dive analysis on one topic. Based on this analysis, we set up automated, continuous monitoring of the topic for you.

Red Team

We identify technologies and players that could challenge your existing solutions, technologies, or products portfolio.

Reports + Software

Reports are great. But they are snapshots in time. For agile and continuous analytics services, we use technologies such as customized and interactive innovation intelligence dashboards.

Mergeflow Intelligence Analytics School

The aim of the School is to train specialists in technology and innovation intelligence.

Basic Analyst Training

Learn the basic ins and outs of how to do machine-augmented innovation intelligence.

In-Residence Training

As a temporary member of our team, you quickly get up to speed on state-of-the-art technology and innovation intelligence methods.

Conference Room Pilots

In the course of a conference session, your team and us together explore a topic of your choice.