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Agriculture & Nutrition | Medical


Image by chamillewhite.


16 May 2022

A nutraceutical is a food or food product that provides health and medical benefits, including...

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Energy | Materials Science

lithium iron phosphate batteries

Image by Yo-Co-Man on Wikimedia Commons.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

02 May 2022

Lithium iron phosphate batteries use lithium ions and iron phosphate as electrodes. They have a high energy density...

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Aerospace & Defense | Agriculture & Nutrition | Computing

remote sensing for agriculture

Image by DifferR.

Remote Sensing for Agriculture

20 Apr 2022

Some of the emerging trends in remote sensing for agriculture include the use of hyperspectral imaging for crop classification...

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molten salt reactors

Image by www.terrestrialenergy.com on commons.wikimedia.org.

Molten Salt Reactors

13 Apr 2022

A molten salt reactor is a class of nuclear fission reactor in which the primary nuclear reactor coolant and/or the fuel is...

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Computing | Electronics & Devices

software-defined networking

Image by alexsl from Getty Images Signature.

Software-Defined Networking

05 Apr 2022

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a new way of managing and controlling computer networks. SDN allows...

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Buildings & Cities | Energy | Transportation

urban planning

Image by piranka from Getty Images.

Urban Planning

21 Mar 2022

Urban planning is the process of designing how cities and towns should be laid out. This includes things like...

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Electronics & Devices | Energy | Materials Science | Medical

conductive polymers

Photo by Science Photo Library.

Conductive Polymers

21 Mar 2022

Conductive polymers are organic polymers that can conduct electricity. They can replace inorganic semiconductors...

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Computing | Energy | Materials Science

battery thermal runaway

Photo by Petrovich9 from Getty Images.

Battery Thermal Runaway

11 Mar 2022

In thermal runaway, a battery generates more heat inside than it can dissipate. This heat then triggers a chemical reaction inside the battery...

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heat pumps

Photo by Maudib from Getty Images.

Heat Pumps

03 Mar 2022

A heat pump is a system used to heat or cool. It transfers thermal energy from a cooler space to a warmer space, using the refrigeration cycle...

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Computing | Materials Science | Medical

lab automation

Photo by sompong_tom from Getty Images.

Lab Automation

24 Feb 2022

Lab automation refers to a host of technologies for making research in laboratories more efficient and scalable. This includes...

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Industry & Manufacturing | Materials Science | Medical


Photo by loogpla from pixabay.


17 Feb 2022

Cellulose is an organic compound. It is an essential component of the primary cell wall of green plants...

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Energy | Industry & Manufacturing | Materials Science

direct air capture

Photo by IGPhotography from Getty Images.

Direct Air Capture

10 Feb 2022

Direct air capture is a technology for removing CO2 from the atmosphere. It does so directly, as opposed to other methods...

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Computing | Medical | Robotics

synthetic data

Photo by blackdovfx from Getty Images.

Synthetic Data

01 Feb 2022

Building and training machine learning algorithms usually requires access to high quality training data. But these data may not be available...

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geothermal energy

Photo by zysman from Getty Images.

Geothermal Energy

27 Jan 2022

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source because heat is continuously produced inside the earth. People use geothermal heat for bathing, to heat buildings...

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Materials Science | Medical

tissue engineering

Photo by Bibhas kumar Bhunia on commons.wikimedia.org.

Tissue Engineering

19 Jan 2022

Tissue engineering combines cell biology, engineering, and materials science to maintain, improve, or replace natural tissues. Tissue engineering involves...

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surgeons at work

Photo by Ross Sneddon on Unsplash.


12 Jan 2022

Endometriosis is a disorder in which cells that normally cover the inside of the uterus, the endometrium, grow outside of it. Endometriosis can cause severe pain...

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Computing | Medical

surgeons at work

Photo from fshoq.com.

Medical Metaverse

14 Dec 2021

Similar to a digital twin, the metaverse is a virtual representation of a physical object or process. But the metaverse is more immersive. Both digital...

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Agriculture & Nutrition | Energy | Materials

Methane molecule

Photo by commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Christinelmiller.

Methane Emissions

13 Oct 2021

Increasing methane emissions are a major contributor to the rising concentration of greenhouse gases, and are responsible for up to one-third of near-term global heating. But R&D...

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Computing | Energy | Materials

Battery management systems

Photo by Umberto on Unsplash.

Battery Management Systems

05 Oct 2021

Battery management systems are electronics and software that manage a rechargeable battery or battery pack. They ensure safe and efficient operation. For example...

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Energy | Materials

Battery recycling

Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash.

Battery Recycling

28 Sep 2021

Batteries contain a variety of valuable materials. This, along with the ever-increasing demand for batteries in applications like mobility and grid storage, will make...

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Medical | Materials

Ginkgo Bioworks

Photo from www.ginkgobioworks.com/about/.

Ginkgo Bioworks

21 Sep 2021

Ginkgo Bioworks is a synthetic biology company. They went public on the NYSE on Sept 17, 2021. Ginkgo designs microorganisms for producing materials and medicines...

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Buildings & Cities | Computing | Industry & Manufacturing

5G and decentralized computing

Photo by ben o'bro on Unsplash.

5G and Decentralized Computing

14 Sep 2021

5G cellular networks are an enabling infrastructure for decentralized computing. Applications for decentralized computing include robotics, manufacturing...

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Energy | Materials

flow batteries

Image by wwww.primuspower.com.

Flow Batteries

07 Sep 2021

Flow batteries are rechargeable batteries in which electrolyte flows through electrochemical cells. A flow battery may be used like a fuel cell...

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Medical | Neuroscience


Photo by Halacious on Unsplash.


23 Aug 2021

Electroceuticals target organs' neural circuits in order to treat various diseases. In this therapy, neural impulses are delivered to specific targets in the neural circuitry. The therapy...

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Agriculture & Nutrition

cultured meat

Photo by Farhad Ibrahimzade on Unsplash.

Cultured Meat

18 Aug 2021

Cultured meat is produced in the lab, from animal cell cultures. It is produced using tissue engineering techniques traditionally used in regenerative medicines.

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Energy | Materials

ACE2 protein

Solid-state battery tray. Image from QuantumScape.

Solid-State Batteries

10 Aug 2021

Solid-state batteries have higher energy density and are safer than liquid or polymer gel batteries. But they are also more expensive—at least so far.

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ACE2 protein

Structure of the ACE2 protein. Based on PyMOL rendering of PDB 1r42. Image from Wikipedia.

ACE2 Receptors

03 Aug 2021

ACE2 acts as a receptor for COVID-19. But ACE2 also plays a critical role in regulating many other processes in the body.

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