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Inventors, technologists, and entrepreneurs use our software to discover and track emerging technologies, research, markets, and business developments.

We work with teams and individuals worldwide

We are a small company, headquartered in Munich. But we are fortunate to work with teams and individuals from across Europe, Canada, USA, Brazil, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

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Human + computer is better than either alone

Computers are great at processing large amounts of data. But nothing surpasses human creativity. So we build our software to help humans leverage their creativity, and to give them quick and unfettered access to worldwide tech and business insights.

We are grateful to our partners

We enjoy working in partnerships. Many of them have resulted in new Mergeflow capabilities that are now part of our standard product. In particular, we would like to thank our partners at Beiersdorf, BASF, BMW, Covestro, Flow Immersive, Kimonolabs (acquired by Palantir), Siemens, and the University of Toronto for their past and ongoing contributions.

Meet some of our team members

Lukas Hartmann
Lukas Hartmann

Machine Learning and User Interface

Lukas works on machine learning for analytics, and is responsible for frontend software engineering. Lukas is currently a computer science student at the University of Augsburg.

Andreas Plenk
Andreas Plenk

Analytics and Customer Success

Andreas develops analytics components for Mergeflow's enterprise solutions, and is responsible for the right interplay between data, user interface, and customers. He studied Economics in Munich and Lausanne, and has an MSc in Economics from the University of Munich. Outside the office, he’s a volunteer firefighter.

Dr. Florian Wolf
Dr. Florian Wolf

Founder and CEO

Florian is responsible for company strategy and product design at Mergeflow. Previously, Florian developed analytics software for institutional investors. Before that, he was a Research Associate in Computer Science and Genetics at the University of Cambridge. Florian has a PhD in Cognitive Sciences from MIT. Some of Florian's work at MIT was funded by DARPA. Florian is a member of the Global Panel at MIT Technology Review.

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