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What is aerogel?

Aerogel is a material derived from a gel, however the liquid component for the gel has been replaced with a gas without substantially affecting the gel structure. The result is a solid with very low density and very low thermal conductivity.

Technology Readiness Level

According to Mergeflow's data and analyses (see 360° Report), aerogels is present in venture capital, market estimates, and mainstream industry news.

This suggests a TRL rating of 'Mature' (TRL 7-9).

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Venture-backed company: OROS

OROS aerogel-based apparel screenshot

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OROS is a venture-backed company that uses aerogel technology, originally developed by NASA to insulate spacecraft, to make outerwear that is thin, warm, and breathable.

R&D: DLR Institute of Materials Research

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Image from DLR, Institute of Materials Research.

Barbara Milow and her team study aerogels for making lithium sulfur batteries, insulation materials, and new kinds of (air) filters.

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360° Report

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Data on aerogel applications

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