Build your own applications and models on top of Mergeflow data

With Mergeflow's API, you can feed real-time, structured R&D and business data into your own applications. And you can build new kinds of models and analyses previously not possible.

Get organized data on the world of innovation

Our API gives you direct access to organized, real-time innovation data from around the web. So you don't have to build your own data lake and analytics.

Document data

Titles & excerpts

Entities, patent classes, emerging technologies

Semantically related documents

Funding data

Venture fundings

Funded research projects

Market data

Market segments

Market size and CAGR estimates

Market-relevant companies

Entity data

Inventors and researchers






Chemical compounds


Diseases (ICD-10 nomenclature)

Topic data

Emerging technologies

Patent classes (for all documents)

Timeline data

Document volume over time

Funding amounts over time

Relationship data

Relationships between entities

Relationships between topics

Distributional data

Entity distributions

Topic distributions

Data sources are updated every two hours, except patents, which are updated weekly.


"Investing in technology discovery might seem like a risky strategy, but it's one that pays off.

Mergeflow's software, which was used by BMW to build the company's tech radar, scans thousands of scientific and technological publications, patents, news, market analyses, investor activities and other data every day. Users can search for a concept or a category and immediately access hundreds of potential innovations that are related to their query."

ZDNet.com, These 'technology scouts' are hunting for the next big thing in tech. Here's how they do it. By Daphné Leprince-Ringuet.

Read on ZDNet

You can start with the tools you already have

You can feed data from our API into tools like PowerBI, Qlikview, Tableau, or ThoughtSpot. This way you can build applications and models on top of our data—without having to buy and learn new tools first.

Below is an example that we built with PowerBI. It uses data from Mergeflow on chemicals companies, applications and technologies.

Mergeflow data on chemicals companies and applications, visualization in PowerBI, data via Mergeflow API

Get Mergeflow data and structured analyses via our RESTful API

Our customers use Mergeflow's API to feed R&D and business data into tailored, in-house business intelligence analytics.

The data from our API come in JSON format.

Examples of JSON responses returned by the Mergeflow API. The data could be documents plus metadata, funding data, network graph data, or others.

And here are the technical details you need to start building:

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Mergeflow API subscriptions are €27,000/year.

Mergeflow API subscriptions are $29,000/year.

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