Collaborative Tech Discovery

Explore and discover as a team

Mergeflow Teams helps you coordinate your tech and business monitoring activities. This frees you and your team from manually labeling hundreds or thousands of new findings every week.

Here is how Mergeflow Teams works:

① Everybody in your team follows their topics

"I'm interested in sensor technology."
Mergeflow Team person 1
Product Manager
"I'm interested in machine learning."
Mergeflow Team person 2
R&D Team Leader

② Mergeflow interrelates findings with your team's interests

The analytics of Mergeflow Teams looks at the contents of the new findings, and interrelates them with your team's interests.

③ You receive labeled and prioritized updates

With Mergeflow Teams, your Weekly360 email updates will show you the new findings, labeled with your team's interests.

This Venture Capital Weekly360 email shows that there is a company, AlcatrazAI, that just received venture funding. And AlcatrazAI is both relevant to Amit's topic Sensors, as well as Simone's topic Machine Learning.

Mergeflow Teams Weekly360 email, identifying venture investments that are relevant to sensor technology and machine learning

When there is a large number of new findings, Mergeflow Teams prioritizes those findings that match most team topics. For each finding, the matching topics are shown, so you have full transparency how the ranking comes about.

Mergeflow Teams Weekly360 email, identifying venture investments that are relevant to sensor technology and machine learning

④ Refine your topics and iterate

Based on what you and your team discover, or due to other factors, you might refine, expand, or shift the topics that you follow. Mergeflow Teams automatically takes your changes into account with the next round of Weekly360s.

Enable collaborative discovery for you and your team

Our "Team" subscription plan includes Mergeflow Teams. Get in touch with us to discuss how you and your team can use collaborative disovery.

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If you like, you can also learn more details about Mergeflow Teams in our article on collaborative tech discovery.

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How many new findings can a team expect to see every week?

While the numbers vary considerably, depending on topics and other circumstances, here is an example. Let's say you have a three-person team, and that you are interested in machine learning, sensor technology, and medical devices. From across Mergeflow's data sets and sources, you could probably expect to see somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 new findings for each of these topics, every week.

How do you prioritize these findings? Which ones make it onto your shortlist and warrant further exploration?

Mergeflow Teams helps you do this. Based on their contents, Mergeflow Teams labels the new findings with your team's interests.