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Built on top of our data lake and analytics.

Explore entire topic landscapes with Grid Search

Mergeflow Grid Search lets you cross-correlate technologies, applications, and actors, and discover common trends or white spots. Start with a high-level overview, then zoom in on individual findings.

See some Mergeflow Grid Search examples

Using examples from additive manufacturing, climate change technologies, and medical devices, our blog describes how Mergeflow Grid Search helps you do things like identify innovation hotspots before they are realized in the market.

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Showcase your work with real-time dashboards

Our standard product enables you to discover, monitor, and run in-depth analyses. For presenting live findings to a wider audience, you can use real-time dashboards.

Real-time dashboards tap into live data from Mergeflow's API.

In order to show you what a live dashboard could look like, we have built a demo with findings from aross various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This includes Clean Water, Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities, and Responsible Production:

screenshot of an interactive Mergeflow dashboard showing live data on technologies that support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Configured solution case study

See how Mergeflow enables effective technology scouting and management for BMW

Mergeflow has been supporting BMW’s IT Tech Offices for several years with discovering, tracking, and deeply exploring new technologies, companies, and ideas.

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Third-party integrations

Spatial storytelling

Go beyond reports, and use stunning 3D visualizations to tell your story instead. On any device, from smartphones to big screens and dedicated AR or VR devices.

Using data from Mergeflow's API and visualization technologies from Flow Immersive, we have built a demo that lets you explore R&D and go-to-market strategies in additive manufacturing.

See spatial storytelling demo →

photo of people examining Mergeflow data on additive manufacturing technologies and applications, via a Flow AR display
Take your tool set to a new level

If you are already using business intelligence tools like PowerBI, QlikView, Tableau, or ThoughtSpot, you can connect them to structured data from Mergeflow's API.

For a demo, we used data from Mergeflow on selected chemicals companies, applications, and technologies, and fed them into Microsoft PowerBI.

See PowerBI demo →

screenshot of a PowerBI visualization of Mergeflow data on chemicals companies, applications, and technologies

Configured solutions are powered by Mergeflow's API. We would be happy to discuss with you how we could empower your configured solution.

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Mergeflow API subscription options start at €2,250/month.

Includes implementation support and access for up to 500 users.

€4.50/month per additional user. As low as €2/month per user at high volume.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

According to the UN, "the Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice."

You can read more about UN SDGs by clicking here.