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Discover growth- and early-stage companies

One way of discovering innovative technologies and business models is to look into companies that have received venture capital or R&D funding.

Growth-stage companies

Venture capital news are a good place for discovering companies that work on new technologies, business models, or a combination of both.

Mergeflow collects and analyzes venture capital news from around the web, and across industries and tech sectors. From these news, Mergeflow's algorithms extract...

...the name of the company that's being funded. This way you can search for topics, and discover companies you didn't know before. much funding the company received.

...who the investors are.

...some general background about the company and the investors.

Mergeflow then displays these data in interactive charts, so you don't have to sift through hundreds and thousands of documents.

Mergeflow SaaS showing venture investments in the area of predictive maintenance and machine learning

Early-stage and R&D intensive companies

Many groundbreaking innovations originated in government-sponsored R&D programs. This includes the internet, GPS, mRNA vaccines, and many new materials.

Government R&D funding often goes to companies that work on potentially groundbreaking innovations, but that don't fit the time horizon, risk profile, or scalability requirements of venture capital.

Mergeflow collects and organizes R&D funding information from the US, UK, and EU. This includes data from SBIR, NIH, NSF, Innovate UK, and EU CORDIS.

Mergeflow SaaS showing companies and SBIR funding project abstracts in the area of welding technologies

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Find inventors, subject-matter experts, and their collaboration networks

From scientific journals, preprints, patents, and clinical trials, Mergeflow extracts the names of researchers and inventors, and their collaboration networks.

You can use this information to...

...identify collaboration partners for your next project.

...find experts who can bring valuable new ideas to your organization.

...generally discover the scientists, entrepreneurs and inventors behind the technologies that matter to you.

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Explore contents by topic

"For my search on 'power harvesting', I got 10,000 hits! How can I sift through all these results?"

Mergeflow's algorithms label all contents—R&D publications, news, blogs and other contents—with category information. This enables you to search for and categorize by concepts. We use two complementary category systems:

Patent classes

Patent classes are a wide-coverage and internationally standardized way of classifying contents by concept. Mergeflow uses machine learning algorithms to assign patent classes to other, non-patent contents as well.

Emerging technologies

Mergeflow identifies a range of emerging technologies across industries and tech sectors. "Emerging" means "shows momentum", not necessarily "brand-new".

See how you can use patent classes to quickly identify subtopics of a content collection:

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