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Innovator Analyst Team
User seats 1 1 Up to 10
Subscription terms Annual, monthly Annual, custom (> 1 year) Annual, custom (> 1 year)
Data sets
All Mergeflow data sets
Sparkline charts
Investment charts
Market charts
Network graphs
Sankey graphs
Staying in the know
Standard Weekly360 email update reports
Data sharing and reporting
CSV data export from charts and tables
360° Reports
Support services
Analyst Support Service
Collaborative discovery
Topic sharing in your team
Teams Weekly360 email update reports
Configured solutions
Grid Search Add Grid Search Solution (€4,900) One per year included (annual or custom subscription term)
Real-Time Dashboards Add Real-Time Dashboard Solution (€2,900) One per year included (annual or custom subscription term)
Third-party integrations
API access, incl. API implementation support Add API subscription (starts at €2,250) Add API subscription (starts at €2,250)

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