Interactive dashboards

Visualizations and analyses, built with data from our API

For our examples, we used PowerBI as visualization tool. But you can also use Qlik Sense, Tableau, or other tools.

Battery technologies

Includes battery chemistries, battery management software and electronics, manufacturing and recycling.

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battery technologies PowerBI dashboard

Industry and manufacturing technologies

Technologies from materials science, computing, robotics, networks, and devices all play a role in industry and manufacturing.

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industry and manufacturing technologies PowerBI dashboard

Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology spans many tech sectors, from materials to life sciences and computing. The goal is to create new materials, parts, and devices, or to redesign natural systems.

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synthetic biology PowerBI dashboard

Computing and network technologies

Technologies that have gained traction or are on the rise at the moment. Includes edge computing, software-defined networks, digital twins, decentralized machine learning, Web3, smart contracts, software containerization, and others.

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computing-and-network-technologies PowerBI dashboard
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