Markets & Investments

Get market and investment data from news, without having to read the news

You should not have to sift through thousands of news and reports, just to get the latest market estimates or technology investment updates.

Discover market estimates in minutes, not days

For any query, Mergeflow shows you relevant market estimates. You get normalized market size and growth (CAGR) estimates, and the companies in these markets.

Beyond your direct topic, market segments in the broader context of your query help you identify new markets and applications for your products and solutions.

And because you don't have to spend days on collecting and cleaning data anymore, you can discover market information in an agile and iterative way.

Use venture and R&D investments as early indicator for tech and business innovations

Venture and R&D investments are a very powerful indicator of interest. Use investment signals to discover market-relevant technologies and business models early on.

Also, you shouldn't have to get the canned stuff. This is why Mergeflow extracts market and investment signals directly from the source—news, press releases, company websites and information portals, rather than hand-curated databases.

chart showing venture capital investments in companies that use machine learning for materials discovery, including Zymergen, Healx, Petuum, and others

Export your data

You can export all your market and investment data from Mergeflow as a CSV file. This way you can integrate your findings from Mergeflow in your spreadsheets and presentations.

table of venture-backed industrial biotechnology companies, along with funding amount and company description

Discover markets and investments

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