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Rather than reading through thousands of news and reports in order to sift out the latest market data or investments into new technologies, use Mergeflow to explore the data effectively.

Get your market analysis instantly

Mergeflow provides you with normalized market size and growth (CAGR) estimates for your search topic. You can explore relevant market players in your topic, and discover other market segments in the broader context of your topic.

Use investment data to discover innovations early

Venture and research investments are a very powerful indicator of interest. Use them to discover market-relevant technologies and business models early on. For each investment event, Mergeflow lets you access the sources where the name of the funded company, the date, funding amount, and investors were reported.

chart showing venture capital investments in companies that use machine learning for materials discovery, including Zymergen, Healx, Petuum, and others

Export your data

Integrate your findings from Mergeflow in your spreadsheets and presentations.

table of venture-backed industrial biotechnology companies, along with funding amount and company description

Discover markets and investments

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Get data directly from the source

In order to be fast and scalable, Mergeflow extracts venture capital investments, research fundings, and market estimates directly from news, press releases, company websites, information portals, and other sources on the web.

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