Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mergeflow?

Mergeflow is a tech discovery software. You can use Mergeflow to discover and track disruptive technologies, research, companies, experts, and new markets.

What are the main benefits of Mergeflow?

In real time, Mergeflow gives you a 360° view across tech and business that used to take weeks and months to obtain. And Mergeflow's analytics help you discover ideas and players that are relevant but that you didn't even know might exist.

Who is Mergeflow for?

Mergeflow is ideal for scientists, engineers, investors, and entrepreneurs who operate at the intersection of technology and business.

How much does Mergeflow cost?

You can choose between three different plans. If you sign up for a one-year subscription, you will save 11% and can use Mergeflow from €399 / month. You can find more details in the pricing page.

How can I test Mergeflow?

To test Mergeflow, you only need a valid email address. No credit card is required. You can sign up for a trial here.

Will I be charged when my trial is up?

No. We do not ask for your credit card up front, so you will only be charged when you decide you are ready. Then you can choose between three different plans.

Does the trial include all features?


What data does Mergeflow collect and analyze?

Mergeflow collects and analyzes the contents of venture funding news, scientific publications, patents, news & blogs, market research, technology transfer, research projects, and clinical trials. More details are available here.

Does Mergeflow help me track what's new in my topics?

Yes. If you follow a topic, Mergeflow will send you weekly email update reports with the latest venture fundings, market estimates, research publications, and news & blogs in your topics.

Does Mergeflow have collaborative features?

Yes. Mergeflow Teams lets you share topics within your team. Mergeflow Teams also labels new findings with your team's areas of interest.

Is there a Mergeflow app for smartphones?

No. We deliberately do not have a smartphone app. We think that you probably prefer using technology that you already have, such as email and browser, rather than worrying about yet another thing to set up.

Do I have to install anything?

No. Mergeflow is a SaaS software that runs in any modern web browser.

Can I connect Mergeflow to other software?

Yes. Mergeflow has an API that provides real-time, structured data. These data can be consumed by applications such as PowerBI, Tableau, QlikView, or other, configured solutions.

Which payment options does Mergeflow offer?

You can pay your subscription via credit card or, for the larger plans, via invoicing.

Does Mergeflow track what I do?

No. Mergeflow does not track what you search for, or what you click at.

Can I see some more technical information?

Yes. Check out our Knowledge Base for hands-on technical information about Mergeflow.

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