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Our blog has practical advice and tips & tricks that help you improve your tech discovery skills.

We also do original research. Using our software, we explore topics across tech sectors and industries—computing, materials, energy, life sciences, manufacturing, and other technologies.

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Snapshots of R&D and business activities across tech sectors and industries

We use our software to create snapshots of venture activities, patents, market analyses, R&D, news, blogs, and technology transfer related to various topics.

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Microsoft Surface mockup showing parts of a Mergeflow 360° report on solid-state batteries.

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Getting market insights

Getting market insights is a lot of work. It requires collecting data from across various sources, and then normalizing these data. For example, you have to make sure that all market size and growth rate estimates refer to the same time frame.

This infographic shows all the steps required for manual market data collection. By using automated data collection and natural language processing, Mergeflow automates all these steps.

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Getting market insights: How it started vs how it's going

360° search visual checklist

A 360° results view in Mergeflow shows you findings across investments, markets, patents, R&D, and more. In order to help you quickly navigate the results, we made an infographic for you.

As an example topic, we used solid-state batteries.

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Preview of a 360° view in Mergeflow, showing results from across venture capital news, markets, patents, R&D and other sources, on the topic of solid-state batteries.

Venture investors in "deep tech"

For our blog, we use our software to research topics across tech sectors. We look at venture investments, R&D, patents, markets, news, and other things.

This map shows venture investors that we found across various "deep tech" topics, including battery, energy, greenhouse gas mitigation, materials, recycling, and vehicle technology.

You can read more about these and other topics in our blog.

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Mergeflow's Deep Tech Venture Investors Infographic

Tech Discovery Snippets

Tech Discovery Snippets are short stories about tech discovery. Snippets are primarily designed for smartphones. But you can read them on your notebook or tablet as well. Here are some examples:

The story of tech discovery
How to not predict the future
How to beat analysis paralysis

Case Study

BMW logo, link to BMW case study on Mergeflow-based Tech Radar

Mergeflow enables effective technology scouting and management

Mergeflow has been supporting BMW’s IT Tech Offices for several years with discovering, tracking, and deeply exploring new technologies, companies, and ideas.

Now, BMW's IT Innovation and Technology Management has designed the Tech Radar. It provides the basis for further monitoring, and facilitates the detection of technological relationships.

The solution is built on top of Mergeflow’s data lake and analytics, and offers additional functionalities and integrations, targeted to BMW Group’s individual requirements.

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Publications by, on, or related to Mergeflow.

Cover image of Design2020 Conference proceedings, link to 'Identifying gaps in automating the assessment of technology readiness levels'

Identifying gaps in automating the assessment of technology readiness levels

Safa Faidi and Alison Olechowski—University of Toronto, ReadyLab


Crucial in the design process, Technology Readiness Levels are a common form of technology maturity assessment. Studies suggest that the TRL scale can be subjective and biased. Automating the assessment can reduce human bias. This paper highlights important challenges of automation by presenting data collected on 15 technologies from the nanotechnology sector. Our findings show that, contrary to claims from the literature, patent data exists for low maturity technologies and may be useful for automation. We also found that there exists unexpected trends in data publications at TRL 2, 3 and 4.

Proceedings of the Design2020 Conference, pp. 551-558.

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logo of CHEManager Online, link to interview 'Agility enables employees to act'

Agility enables employees to act

Andrea Gruss, interview with Florian Wolf


Many companies want to become agile. But what are concrete benefits of agile work methods? What are necessary preconditions? And in what scenarios are they most beneficial? Andrea Gruss discussed these questions with software entrepreneur Florian Wolf, CEO at Mergeflow, and speaker at the GDCh conference "Tanker or Speedboat? Agile Management in the Chemical Industry", organized by the Association for Chemistry and Economics.

CHEManager Online, 22 January 2020.

Read the interview
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