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New technologies, companies, R&D, or markets can emerge anytime, anywhere. Mergeflow's email update reports keep you informed on what's happening in your topics.

Here is how it works:

① You follow your topics

Play the video to see how it works:

② Mergeflow collects and analyzes new contents for you

In the background, Mergeflow collects and analyzes contents that match your topics. And it discovers interrelations between the contents. For example, a venture investment or a new R&D publication could be relevant to several of your topics.

③ You get the most important findings via email

Every week, Mergeflow sends you emails with the most important venture investments, market estimates, R&D publications, news, blogs, and patents.

For example, an email with venture investment updates might look like this:

Mergeflow email update screenshot

In order to send you the most relevant content, Mergeflow gives higher priority to findings that interrelate several of your topics.

You can try it out, by signing up below:

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