Product and R&D Teams

Tech discovery and market intelligence, synchronized across your team

Team Solutions compare and match findings across your team, and prioritize the insights most relevant to your team's specific interests. This saves your team time and effort, by automating many information curation and management tasks.

Collaborative discovery

Tap into your colleagues' expertise, without adding to their workload

As you type, you can see if your colleagues are following related topics. If they are, you can use your colleagues' search queries, rather than coming up with your own. And you might discover angles to your topics that you hadn't previously considered.

Collaborative Discovery Weekly360 email, identifying venture investments that are relevant to sensor technology and machine learning

Discover connections between your topics and those of your colleagues

Your Weekly360 email update reports will point out to you if a finding also matches one of your colleagues' topics. This way you don't have to manually compare and match results of your tech discovery activities.

Collaborative Discovery Weekly360 email, identifying research on various machine learning applications

Prioritize new findings

When there is a large number of new findings, Mergeflow prioritizes those that match most team topics. For each finding, you can see all matching topics. So you have full transparency on how the ranking comes about.

360° Reports: Share your findings within and outside your team

360° Reports let you share your search results with anyone you choose. You can update your reports at any time, with just a few clicks. As a result, your recipients won't have to rely on stale information.

Links to documents, such as patents, news, and R&D papers, are accessible to anyone.

If your colleagues have Mergeflow accounts, they can also access deep links into Mergeflow, to explore more details.

See some example 360° Reports

Mergeflow grid search produced an interactive topic heatmap, in this case for additive manufacturing technologies, materials, and applications.

Pricing for Mergeflow Team

Users Per month / user Per year / user Total / year
10 €250 €3,000 €30,000
10 $300 $3,600 $36,000
20 €210 €2,520 €50,400
20 $240 $2,880 $57,600
25 €180 €2,160 €54,000
25 $200 $2,400 $60,000
30 €160 €1,920 €57,600
30 $180 $2,160 $64,800
40 €140 €1,680 €67,200
40 $160 $1,920 $76,800
50 €130 €1,560 €78,000
50 $150 $1,800 $90,000
100 €90 €1,080 €108,000
100 $100 $1,200 $120,000

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