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Tech Discovery for Innovators

Learn how to discover and explore technologies, R&D and business, directly from Mergeflow's founder and CEO, Florian Wolf.

The chapters

Each chapter comes with a hands-on video, example links in Mergeflow, and downloads, knowledge base articles, and blog posts related to that chapter.

The chapters don't build on each other. But it's probably good to start with Chapter 1, "How to get a 360° view on a topic".


How to get a 360° view on a topic

Venture news, market estimates, patents, scientific publications, blogs, etc.—you never know where an interesting innovation may emerge. That's why you should approach a topic from multiple angles.

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7 tips for writing good search queries

Searching for R&D and business information is not easy, and there is no silver bullet. But there are methods and ways that can dramatically increase your chance of discovering relevant innovations.

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Discovering early-stage deep tech companies

Learn how you can use information about government-sponsored R&D programs for discovering early-stage companies that are based on substantial scientific or engineering challenges—often called 'deep tech companies'.

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How you can get a 360° view on a company's innovations

What are the markets in which a company operates? What other companies operate in the same markets? And who are the innovators at the company, and what are they working on? Learn how you can use publicly available data such as patents or market news to address these questions.

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Using market estimates to discover applications and enabling technologies

Market analyses contain more information than estimated size and growth rates. I'll show you how you can use this other information for discovering new applications of a technology or material, as well as the technologies that enable an application you have in mind.

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What is a trend? And how can you distinguish trends from hypes?

There are many different ideas and definitions of what a 'trend' actually is. The same is true for 'hype'. Here I'll show you how you can use number data and analyze contents to get a more traceable understanding of 'trend vs. hype'.

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How to not predict the future

"Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results."

You've probably seen this statement. For example, in an investment prospectus. This statement applies to tech discovery as well. Therefore, in this video I'll show you an alternative way of thinking about future scenarios—one that does not involve making predictions.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this course for me?

I've made this course for people who need R&D and business insights—but whose main job is to bring innovation into reality, not to collect and organize information. So if you consider yourself a scientist, engineer, product manager, entrepreneur, tech investor, or a technical marketing professional, then this course is for you.

Do I need to be a search specialist?

Absolutely not. Tech discovery is much more about creative thinking and being curious than it is about the mechanics of a tool.

Is this course topic-specific?

No. For my examples, I try to use as many different topics from across industries and tech sectors as possible. And it's always about the methods. The topics are just examples.

What are the "example links in Mergeflow"?

This is a hands-on course. I use examples from Mergeflow throughout my videos. And in order to make it easier for you to retrace what I do, I added links to all the examples, grouped by video chapters.

And what are the other links about?

For each chapter, I added links to downloads, to our technical knowledge base, and to our blog. I mention some of these links in my videos. Other links simply provide additional context.

Do I need a Mergeflow account?

Since the course is hands-on, it's better if you have an account. Otherwise it's a bit like watching a cooking show without ever entering the kitchen ;-) If you don't have a Mergeflow account yet, you can sign up for a free trial here.

The goal of tech discovery is not just to accumulate knowledge, but to stimulate a thought process.

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