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Analytics for making better technology strategy decisions

What impact might emerging technologies have on your organization? How should you allocate your R&D resources and investments to these technologies? How can you tell if a new technology isn't just a hype? And should you make, buy, or partner?

Our analytics help you answer these questions, by collecting and organizing information from across R&D and business—scalable, in real-time, and adapted to your specific needs.

Informed tech strategy decisions require a 360° perspective

In order to make a technology strategy work, you need to gather insights from across tech sectors and industries. And you need to bring together the different perspectives and information needs of management and engineering, as well as customer success and marketing.

Gather insights from across tech sectors and industries

Technology strategy is more than just 'digital strategy'. Rather, innovation typically happens at the intersection of hardware, software, industries, and business models. Therefore, you need insights on a wide range of R&D and market topics.

Case study: The surprisingly interesting business of shock absorbers

Bring management and engineering together

Management needs "the big picture". But engineers and other subject matter experts need to be able to dig into details. And only when these two perspectives are in sync can a technology strategy be successful.

Involve customer success and marketing

Customer success and marketing tend to view things from an applications perspective rather than from a technical implementation perspective. Taking these perspectives into account helps you discover things you hadn't even considered, such as different approaches to solving the same problem.

A research analyst team in your browser

Trend radars, hype cycles and other visualizations are the result of an analytical process. They are not the tools to conduct this process. So you are still left with doing the analyses.

By contrast, Mergeflow is a powerful information gathering and organizing platform that automates many of the tasks that a research analyst would perform manually.

Be faster

Rather than spending days briefing consultants or analysts, you simply key your queries into Mergeflow. This not only speeds up the market intelligence process from weeks to hours. It also lets you apply your expertise and judgment directly, by removing middlemen and giving you unmediated access to original and real-time insights.

Do more

If you don't use automation for your technology strategy analytics, you may be able to analyze a few dozen technologies or companies. But with Mergeflow, there is no practical limit to how many ideas you can explore. This way, you won't be constrained and risk throwing away potentially useful ideas before you've even explored them.

Dig deeper

Mergeflow gives you access to all data underlying every visualization or analysis. Not just an anecdotal example or two. This enables you to make up your own mind, rather than rely on intermediaries.

Reduce friction

Mergeflow provides a topographical overview of R&D, investments, markets, and news related to a topic. This enables R&D, strategy, customer success and marketing to get different perspectives on the same topic, all in the same environment.

Stay up-to-date

Mergeflow works in the background for you, 24/7. It identifies new R&D, market analyses, venture investments, and news that are relevant to your topics. Mergeflow delivers the results as automated email updates , so you can put the process of staying informed on autopilot.

How it works

Our Technology Strategy Solution has capabilities that go beyond those of our standard SaaS product. And because it's cloud analytics, everything is available to your entire team—insights and analytics are no longer exclusive to the highest levels of leadership.

Grid Search: Interactive topic heatmaps

Grid Search produces interactive topic heatmaps. These heatmaps let you view multiple topics at a glance, how they relate to each other, and potentially interesting white spots for innovation.

Topics could be technologies, applications, companies, or any combination of these.

The color intensity of a heatmap cell indicates how much overlap there is between any two topics.

When you click on a heatmap cell, you can explore the original data (news, R&D, patents, investment events, etc.) behind that cell.

Case study: Discovering strategies in additive manufacturing

Mergeflow grid search produced an interactive topic heatmap, in this case for additive manufacturing technologies, materials, and applications.

Dynamic dashboards

Dynamic dashboards are great for sharing insights from Mergeflow's analytics within your organization.

You don't have to wait for days or weeks for analysts to produce insights. Instead, you get a simple data-to-visualization setup that gets you up and running right away.

Mergeflow works with PowerBI, Qlik Sense, or Tableau.

See some examples

Mergeflow SaaS showing venture investments in the area of predictive maintenance and machine learning

Topic pages

A topic page provides resources on a specific technology, trend, or topic. This may include commentaries and explanations, interactive dashboards, and links to Mergeflow views for more details.

With deep links into Mergeflow, users have access to additional insights on a page's topic. Additionally, this provides your team with a jumping-off point for exploring related topics.

See some examples

Mergeflow grid search produced an interactive topic heatmap, in this case for additive manufacturing technologies, materials, and applications.

Mergeflow API access

Nobody knows what new R&D, companies, or markets will appear next week, or next month. So your technology strategy can't be a one-and-done task. And this is why with Mergeflow's API, you always have access to live insights and analytics.

You can build your own business logic, for example to feed customized updates and alerts into your enterprise collaboration platform (e.g. Microsoft Teams or Slack).

Using batch-mode analytics, you can analyze hundreds or thousands of companies, ideas, and topics-not just a few. This is ideal for pre-M&A technical due diligence, for example.

You can build your own data models in Excel (using Power Query), Google Sheets (using Apps Script), or with scripting languages like Python. You can also feed data into visualizations built with libraries such as D3.js.

Technical API documentation

Mergeflow SaaS showing venture investments in the area of predictive maintenance and machine learning


Our Strategy Core Solution is €50,000 / year. This includes:

Our Strategy Core Solution is $57,000 / year. This includes:

Component Price / year
API access €27,000
API access $30,000
Grid Search €12,000
Grid Search $14,000
Interactive dashboards €9,000
Interactive dashboards $10,200
Topic pages €12,000
Topic pages $14,000
Five users €9,000
Five users $10,200
Total value €69,000
Total value $78,400

The user accounts include access to Grid Search, Collaborative Discovery and 360° Reports.

All Strategy Solution apps (Grid Search, interactive dashboards, topic pages) can be purchased individually. All apps require API access.

Pricing for additional user accounts (optional):

Users Per month / user Per year / user Total / year
10 €150 €1,800 €18,000
10 $170 $2,040 $20,400
20 €140 €1,680 €33,600
20 $160 $1,920 $38,400
25 €130 €1,560 €39,000
25 $150 $1,800 $45,000
30 €120 €1,440 €43,200
30 $130 $1,560 $46,800
40 €115 €1,380 €55,200
40 $125 $1,500 $60,000
50 €110 €1,320 €66,000
50 $120 $1,440 $72,000
100 €90 €1,080 €108,000
100 $100 $1,200 $120,000

All user accounts include access to Grid Search, Collaborative Discovery and 360° Reports.

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