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Mergeflow lets you focus on innovating, rather than data collection legwork

Mergeflow is a web data collection and analytics software. It collects contents from across diverse R&D and business information sources.

Algorithms analyze these contents to discover companies, emerging technologies, market estimates, R&D experts, and other insights.

As a result, Mergeflow automates more and more of the information gathering and organizing tasks that a research analyst would perform manually.

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Mergeflow SaaS showing a network of researchers in the area of deep learning

Discover ideas and players

You suspect they are out there somewhere: Companies, experts, and ideas that can help you innovate faster and stronger. Mergeflow helps you find them.

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Mergeflow SaaS showing market estimates and segments for the topic of telemedicine

Get market insights

Mergeflow collects and organizes market and investment data from sources around the web. This way you don't have to read through thousands of news and reports.

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Mergeflow SaaS showing a tag cloud of emerging technologies in the area of smart glass

Explore emerging technologies

Innovations in computing, materials, energy, life sciences, and manufacturing are permeating all industry sectors. Mergeflow helps you stay on top of these developments.

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Stay up to date on your topics

New technologies, companies, R&D, or markets can emerge anytime, anywhere. Mergeflow's email update reports keep you informed on what's happening in your topics.

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About every week, we make a new snapshot of current R&D and business activities, related to a specific topic. These snapshots give you a first glimpse of what our SaaS software looks like from the inside.

Methane molecule

Photo by

Methane Emissions

13 Oct 2021

Increasing methane emissions are a major contributor to the rising concentration of greenhouse gases, and are responsible for up to one-third of near-term global heating. But R&D and investments in methane-emission-mitigating technologies are rising. Innovations include methane leak monitoring technologies, making sustainable fertilizers, and better understanding and engineering of relevant microbiota.

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Battery management systems

Photo by Umberto on Unsplash.

Battery Management Systems

05 Oct 2021

Battery management systems are electronics and software that manage a rechargeable battery or battery pack. They ensure safe and efficient operation of the battery. For example, they protect the battery from operating outside its safe operating limits, monitor its state, and control the immediate environment of the battery.

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Battery recycling

Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash.

Battery Recycling

28 Sep 2021

Batteries contain a variety of valuable materials. This, along with the ever-increasing demand for batteries in applications like mobility and grid storage, will make battery recycling an increasingly important technology field.

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Ginkgo Bioworks

Photo from

Ginkgo Bioworks

21 Sep 2021

Ginkgo Bioworks is a synthetic biology company. They went public on the NYSE on Sept 17, 2021. Ginkgo designs microorganisms for producing materials and medicines, waste treatment, and other applications. This snapshot features some recent venture investments, market analyses, patents, R&D, news, and other data related to Ginkgo.

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5G and decentralized computing

Photo by ben o'bro on Unsplash.

5G and decentralized computing

14 Sep 2021

5G cellular networks are an enabling infrastructure for decentralized computing. Applications for decentralized computing include robotics, manufacturing, drones, healthcare, smart city, and IoT more generally.

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flow batteries

Image by

Flow batteries

07 Sep 2021

Flow batteries are rechargeable batteries in which electrolyte flows through electrochemical cells. A flow battery may be used like a fuel cell (old fuel is removed and new fuel injected) or like a rechargeable battery (electric power is used to regenerate fuel).

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Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Leica Microsystems

Mergeflow helps Covestro stay informed

"Covestro is a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials. Mergeflow's software helps us identify and monitor important technological, scientific, and market information, in a highly automated way. Using Mergeflow ensures that we do not miss information that is important to our business."

Dr. Gerhard Langstein, Head of New Technologies and Science Fellow | Covestro

Background image of SolarImpulse aircraft by Covestro.


Mergeflow enables effective technology scouting and management for BMW

Mergeflow has been supporting BMW’s Tech Offices for several years with discovering, tracking, and deeply exploring new technologies, companies, and ideas.

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