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Mergeflow lets you focus on innovating, rather than data collection legwork

Mergeflow is a powerful data collection and analytics software. It collects contents from across diverse R&D and business information sources.

Algorithms analyze these contents to discover companies, emerging technologies, market estimates, R&D experts, and other insights.

As a result, Mergeflow automates many of the information gathering and organizing tasks that a research analyst would perform manually.

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Discover ideas and players

You suspect they are out there somewhere: Companies, experts, and ideas that can help you innovate faster and stronger. Mergeflow helps you find them.

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Mergeflow SaaS showing a network of researchers in the area of deep learning

Get market insights

Mergeflow collects and organizes market and investment data from sources around the web. This way you don't have to read through thousands of news and reports.

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Mergeflow SaaS showing market estimates and segments for the topic of telemedicine

Explore emerging technologies

Innovations in computing, materials, energy, life sciences, and manufacturing are permeating all industry sectors. Mergeflow helps you stay on top of these developments.

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Mergeflow SaaS showing a tag cloud of emerging technologies in the area of smart glass

Stay up to date on your topics

New technologies, companies, R&D, or markets can emerge anytime, anywhere. Mergeflow's email update reports keep you informed on what's happening in your topics.

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Mergeflow Weekly360 emails, showing research and venture capital funding updates in digital industry

Weekly Innovation Insights

Weekly Innovation Insights are snapshots of R&D and business activities, from across emerging technologies in various industries. We create them using our standard SaaS software. With our Analyst Plan, you can create your own snapshots.

Here are our latest Weekly Innovation Insights:

Computing | Industry & Manufacturing | Robotics

5G and robotics

Image by Yoh4nn from Getty Images Signature

5G and Robotics

23 June 2022

5G networks can provide high speeds and low latency, which are critical for applications such as...

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Energy | Materials Science

fuel cell technology

Image by Science Photo Library

Fuel Cell Technology

02 June 2022

A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that produces electricity from a reaction between...

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Agriculture & Nutrition | Medical


Image by Yo-Co-Man on Wikimedia Commons


16 May 2022

A nutraceutical is a food or food product that provides health and medical benefits, including...

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Energy | Materials Science

lithium iron phosphate batteries

Image by Yo-Co-Man on Wikimedia Commons

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

02 May 2022

Lithium iron phosphate batteries use lithium ions and iron phosphate as electrodes. They have a high energy density...

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Aerospace & Defense | Agriculture & Nutrition | Computing

remote sensing for agriculture

Image by DifferR

Remote Sensing for Agriculture

20 Apr 2022

Some of the emerging trends in remote sensing for agriculture include the use of hyperspectral imaging for crop classification...

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molten salt reactors

Image by on

Molten Salt Reactors

13 Apr 2022

A molten salt reactor is a class of nuclear fission reactor in which the primary nuclear reactor coolant and/or the fuel is...

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Computing | Electronics & Devices

software-defined networking

Image by alexsl from Getty Images Signature

Software-Defined Networking

05 Apr 2022

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a new way of managing and controlling computer networks. SDN allows...

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Buildings & Cities | Energy | Transportation

urban planning

Image by piranka from Getty Images

Urban Planning

25 Mar 2022

Urban planning is the process of designing how cities and towns should be laid out. This includes things like...

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Electronics & Devices | Energy | Materials Science | Medical

conductive polymers

Photo by Science Photo Library

Conductive Polymers

21 Mar 2022

Conductive polymers are organic polymers that can conduct electricity. They can replace inorganic semiconductors...

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Mergeflow helps Covestro stay informed

"Covestro is a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials. Mergeflow's software helps us identify and monitor important technological, scientific, and market information, in a highly automated way. Using Mergeflow ensures that we do not miss information that is important to our business."

Dr. Gerhard Langstein, Head of New Technologies and Science Fellow | Covestro

Background image of SolarImpulse aircraft by Covestro.


Mergeflow enables effective technology scouting and management for BMW

Mergeflow has been supporting BMW’s Tech Offices for several years with discovering, tracking, and deeply exploring new technologies, companies, and ideas.

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  • How you can beat analysis paralysis.
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