Hosted Solutions

Bring our AI to your private cloud

With our hosted solutions, we deploy our AI-enabled analytics to your private cloud. This allows you to do tech discovery using your own valuable R&D content.

Quickly locate expertise within your organization

With our hosted solutions, you can search for any topic and get the names of relevant experts and their collaboration network within your company.

Internal and external content in one place

In addition to your own content, you get access to worldwide R&D and business data. This gives you a panoramic view on innovation, no matter where it happens.

Integrate with other workflows and tools

Via APIs, hosted solutions can connect to other workflows and tools, such as content management or simulation tools.

Case study

Covestro unlocks internal research insights with Mergeflow and AWS

A Mergeflow hosted solution enables Covestro to find relevant R&D insights with significantly higher efficiency than it previously took to conduct research.


90% reduction in search result time

One interface for internal and external search

No additional training for users

AI identifies insights from unstructured content

About Covestro

Global producer of precursors for high performance materials

About 1,500 R&D scientists worldwide

Critical need to access up-to-date, worldwide R&D and market information


reduction in search result time

Just imagine—you place one query into Knowledge Explorer(*) and receive results from across all kinds of different datasets. In the past, for all of these datasets, people had to use different tools. Knowledge Explorer increases the creative part of their scientific work, but it also allows people to save a lot of time.”

— Dr. Paul Heinz, Head of R&D Digital Processes, Covestro

(*) Knowledge Explorer is the name for Covestro's deployment of our hosted solution.

Fast deployment

Standards-based delivery and deployment

Delivery and deployment

We deliver hosted solutions as dockerized applications. And we deploy using AWS Elastic Beanstalk if your computing infrastructure supports it.

Use your existing authentication infrastructure

Mergeflow hosted solutions live within your computing infrastructure. It uses your existing authentication and authorization infrastructure. As a result, every user can search and view those internal contents that your existing access rights management system allows.

We are an AWS Partner

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