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Explore worldwide R&D and business topics, ideas and ventures with Spark. Use AI to free yourself from repetitive research tasks.

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Ask in natural language

Ask questions, just like you would ask a colleague or a consultant. Or enter problem descriptions, or simply a couple of keywords.


You don't need markets and finance but regulatory data instead? Or something else? We can customize Spark for you.

Grounded in facts

All answers in Spark come from our extensive, carefully curated R&D and business data sets. You have full access to all data and references.

Built-in data sources


20 million company websites

Worldwide business news

R&D, Engineering

200 million science publications

60 million patent families

GitHub API

Government R&D funding

Markets, Finance

Worldwide market news

Earnings calls

Data sources are updated every few hours.

Customized Spark

Bring your own data

We can create custom databases for you to include your own data in Spark. The data could be research reports, project descriptions, or other text documents.

  • Data preparation by Mergeflow
  • Database setup and deployment
  • Private access for you only

Interested in a custom database?

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Get your own custom commands

In addition to Spark's standard commands, we can build customized commands tailored to your specific workflows. Here are some examples of potential custom commands:

Identify demand trends

Use AI to analyze demand drivers for your products, based on current economic-focused content.

Summarize regulatory information

Collect regulatory information from specific sources, and use AI to determine how these regulations could affect your R&D roadmap.

Analyze R&D at big corporations

Gather information focused on public companies and examine their R&D activities.

Your own commands

Enterprise-grade security

SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO certified

Spark is hosted in a data center that is SOC 2 Type 2, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, and 27018:2014 certified.

Your data are private

None of the data you enter into Spark are used for training any models. All data live entirely within Spark.

Encrypted data

All data in Spark are encrypted at rest and at transfer.

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Free for 14 days. No credit card required.